Pearls, diamonds, a beautifully aged Burgundy. A blue Bentley and the sound of a smooth trumpet in the background. The smell of exclusivity, the allure of luxury and perfection. With 25 years of heritage and 200 years of history. Welcome to “717”. 

This isn’t an ordinary five-star hotel. It’s an evolving institution. Hotel 717 is currently undergoing a multi-million-dollar renovation. To offer even more exclusivity. We will achieve this exclusivity by personally selecting the best ambassadors for our brand. Working at 717 will not be just a job – it will be your passion. Are you someone special and unique? Are you used to serving VIP guests? Do you want to be part of the 717 family? Don’t wait and apply to work at the first 23-room boutique luxury hotel in the Netherlands. 

The smell of exclusivity. The perfect dish is true piece of art. You know just how important exquisite food and delicious wine is. You will be serving special guests with us: guests staying at the exclusive 717 hotel. 

Let the wines flow richly. Excite your taste buds with new flavors. Do you want to surprise people and make them happy? Would you like to cook side by side with the 3 Michelin star chef Jacob Jan Boerma? Do you want to become famous? Then join the 717 team and help us create good times.

So, are you…

  • someone who puts the guests at the forefront? Is making them happy your top priority?
  • someone who stays up to date on food trends and always tries to play with them? Someone with creativity and culinary ambition, constantly generating new original ideas? 
  • someone who has knowledge of allergens and HACCP, and who works in a clean and tidy way?
  • enthusiastic, representable, and do you have a proactive attitude?
  • someone who works well in a team and who is collegial? Is nothing too much for you? 
  • flexible, with your working hours and tasks to carry out?
  • responsible and can work well under pressure?
  • someone who never falls out of their role as host/hostess, not even in difficult situations?
  • someone with a good dose of humor?
  • living in Amsterdam or in its vicinity?


Here’s what we have for you!

  • A fun and familiar place to work.
  • Many opportunities to follow all kinds of courses and trainings. 
  • A great salary as well as benefits.
  • Regular fun trips with the team or having drinks together.
  • A perfect balance between work and private life.
  • Once your contract is signed, you get to stay a night at a Seven One Seven Hotel to really experience what we mean with hospitality. 
  • We’re always happy to help further develop your personal goals. 
  • Nice little gifts for the employee of the quarter.
  • Real personal appreciation/approach.

What are you waiting for? Apply now!
If you’d like to apply for this position, please send your cover letter including C.V. before 04-04-2022 to the following email address: Need more information first? Sure thing! Just send an email to the same email address.